Vicious Cosplay selfie

About Vicious Cosplay

Name Christine, Potato
Cosplaying Since 2007 ( 16 years )
Costumes Made: 43 / Worn: 65
Competition Master's Level
Awards 7 Major Awards / 11 Minor Awards
Status Married (ILU Octomobiki <3)
Cats Three boys
Fav Video Game Myst Series
Fav Anime/Manga Little Petshop of Horrors
Other hobby? DM D&D 5E
Fav Food Mmm spicy salmon sushi
Fav thing about Cosplay Getting to nerd around in a costume
Bleh thing about Cosplay Yo fabric is evil

Hi I'm Vicious, and I'm a Potato

Out of all the sections I built for this website, this was the hardest one to make.

Mostly cause I'm not sure what to put here. Uh. Been doing this for a bit. So long that I now staff and run cosplay competitions and departments at East-coast conventions.

I'm a cosplayer who likes making her own costumes and sobbing over fabric. I've been making costumes for over a decade now, and I still love doing it for as much as I bleed into them. Something about bringing a character to life and getting to enjoy them with people and others just makes me so happy.

One of my favorite things to do too is teach other people how to do what I do. Though I dont spend a lot of time making tutorials, I do like making write ups and answering questions in regards to my costumes, or even ones I've bought.

If you ever want to talk to me, please feel free to come up. At first I might be really awkward because my gut-reaction is to BE nervous, but I appreciate it nevertheless! If you'd like for me to come to your local convention, please reach out to the con and tell them you want me there!


The Family

  • Octomobiki, the hubby

  • Raiza, the old man

  • Simba, the chonk baby

  • Nemo, the flying brick