About Bowsette Cosplay

Character Bowsette
Series Mario Bros Memes
Outfit Original Peach Design
Original Creator Super Crown comic by @akyyk92
Debuted Katsucon 2019
Wig Base Arda Wigs Jeannie Classic, Yellow + wefts
Time to Make ~4 Months
WIP Photos WIPs available on Twitter
Galleries Cospix
Creation Breakdowns Full tutorials available on Patreon
Status Available for shoots

Why this costume?

Look, it's Bowsette. Its another version of Peach. Are you really surprised that I decided to cosplay this?

I have a lot of feelings about Bowser, and a lot of feelings about Princess Peach. Seeing this take of Bowser being made into a feisty mushroom princess gave me such joy. I loved all of the fan art that came out from it, and road that hype train so hard.

Instead of following the original design however, I decided to play with some different design elements of Princess Peach, Toadette, and the takes on Bowsette. To align with some of the changes done to Toadette, I had the crown match Bowsette's main color pallet, and changed the eye/earring/gem color to match Bowser's. Instead of doing peplums again, I went with a skirt that matched more the original Princess Peach skirt with the waist band, and did some pull up to mimic the flower shape but give some nice dynamic. The petticoat I lit on fire to have that sort of 'walking around lava' damage. But to also be able to thot it up, the corset is not a corset, but a bunny-suit I can drop at any time!

Overall, I love the ever hell out of this cosplay, and all of the fun I get to have in it.


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