Cyber Maki cosplay

About Cyber Maki Cosplay

Character Maki Nikishino
Series Love Love! School Idol Festival
Outfit Cyber SR Idolized
Debuted Katsucon 2017
Wig Base Lucaille, Maki Wig
Cosplay By Meaty King's Studio (Taobao)
Headphones: Five Fluttering (Taobao)
Galleries Cospix
Status Available for shoots

Why this costume?

This card has always been a longtime favorite of both myself and Octomobiki. But given the heavy amount of LED, as well as all of the designs on vinyl, I knew right out of the bat it was a costume that I didn't want to make. (Ignoring the fact that convenience, if I can buy the cosplay I so will prefer buying it.)

Initially I had plotted doing a group with multiple people. It was interesting having to both find the costume in a format we liked, but also one that fit the variety of sizes. Eventually we split up not only which outfits we got, but also differences in headbands given that majority of cyber headbands I see out use LED strips instead of a solid glowing LED. The ears we bought are cheaper than dirt and held together with chunks of electrical tape, but overal it does what is needed: look solid and glow!

Overal having a costume that glows in the dark is pretty fun for night-time and dark-light con-shooting.


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  • Cyber Maki cosplay
  • Cyber Maki cosplay