Dancer Kotori cosplay

About Dancer Kotori Cosplay

Character Kotori Minami
Series Love Love! School Idol Festival
Outfit Dancer UR Idolized
Debuted Colossalcon 2017
Wig Base Aoi Cosplay on Taobao, Kotori Wig
Cosplay By Ascosing (Taobao)
Galleries Cospix
Status Available for shoots

Why this costume?

This is my absolutely favorite Kotori costume hands down. I saved up I think over 200 lovca and two or three 11+1 draw stickers in order to get this card in my SIF game. (Good news: I got two in that heavy draw and was able to get my very first idolized UR.) One of the big issues I had with this set is that I never felt comfortable in my body to have my stomach exposed to do costumes, so working on my self-image and my own weight was a huge inspiration to doing this costume.

One of the nice things I enjoyed about this costume is I spent some extra time before Colossalcon after putting away my failed Sheikah link to make this costume a little shinier. Fixing up the necklaces that fell apart in-transit, re-doing the hooks to make the head beads a bit easier to attach, but more importantly: shinies! I had all of these extra rhinestones from buying a multi-colorpack for a color reference for the future, and added them to both my skirt and on my veil for that little bling. Though it doesn't really show in photos, it was a little me-touch that I enjoyed.


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  • Dancer Kotori cosplay
  • Dancer Kotori cosplay