Devil Maki Cosplay

About Devil Maki Cosplay

Character Maki Nikishino
Series Love Love! School Idol Festival
Outfit Devil SR Idolized
Debuted Katsucon 2017
Wig Base Lucaille, Maki Wig
Cosplay By Ascosing (Taobao)
Galleries Cospix
Status Available for shoots

Why this costume?

You ever look at a costume and go, man, I wanna cosplay that? That was me when I saw the Devil sets. It was so precious and sexy, and mischievous. The entire design was an 'ooh' for me. What I also love about doing Love Live costumes is the ability to just, you know, buy them from China! The other advantage of this is I'm able to invite friends to do this with me, like Ravra Cosplay and Geekyging!

Though an advantage of being able to sew is when the costume comes in and it feels a little odd on me. The first issue was the dress had weird boob cups which made the shape awful and gave no support to my boobs. The other issue is I'm never happy with the invisible zippers placed within, so I always swap them out for regular zippers to make it easier. By doing that the costume always fits my shape better, and just makes it easier to pull on and off when I'm a little bloated.


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