The Golden Kirin Cosplay

About The Golden Kirin Cosplay

Character The Golden Kirin
Series Petshop of Horrors
Debuted Otakon 2012

Second Place Cosplay Contest - NYC Cosplay Picnic 2012

Best of Craftsman, Saturday Hall Cosplay Contest - Otakon 2012

Best of Masters, Masquerade - Youmacon 2012

Time to Make ~1 Year
WIP Photos WIP on Tumblr
Galleries Cospix
Status Retired. In Possession of East Coast Cosplay Gallery

Why this costume?

Back in the day, and... still today, I absolutely love the manga Petshop of Horrors. It was such a unique storyline which had incredible character designs and such wonderful lore. I simply loved how the story played out. During that time I was also looking to do a fairly difficult costume. The Golden Kirin was one of my favorite characters, and it had an interesting design, so I chose that.

This was my first very very very difficult costume. First time making major prop work, second time ever working with resin, first time doing satin-stitching (oh the satin stitching. I don't know how many flowers are on that thing.) It was also my first time going to the garment district in NYC with friends, and I got to pick up so many unique fabrics to build this costume. The most difficult part was figuring out how the design of this worked. I could not find the episodes online, or the VHS, and I had very small references for the colors as the manga was only in black and white.

Fun fact: I was, like any cosplayer does, sewing this up until the last minute before leaving for Otakon in my parent's basement. Still doing satin stitching (DID I MENTION THE FLOWERS?) I was exhausted before we got to the con, but completely hype about wearing it. It was an absolute hit regardless of if people could identify it. I always felt so elegant and powerful in that costume as well.