The Little Card Cosplay

About The Little Card Cosplay

Character The Little Card
Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Debuted Anime Bostom 2012
Award Best of Masters, Masquerade - Anime Central 2012
WIP Photos WIP on Tumblr
Galleries Cospix
Status Retired. Sold.

Why this costume?

There was a plan to do a large Cardcaptor group back in 2012. I knew a bunch of people who already cosplayed as Sakura, so it made for an interesting thing to do. Myself and my buddy Ginger Kitty decided that we'd both do the Little and the Big. We were close by each other, and she's almost a full head taller than me so it all worked. I even helped her work on this costume!

The weirdest part was attempting to figure out how to make the body. The shoes and the hat were interesting, but trying to make something thats basically fluffy parachute pants that comes up to the neck was fun. Basically it was done by having simple knit pj-like pants underneath, and then the bottom was just stuffed with polyfill that had to be constantly refluffed.

Most interesting thing about wearing it was not balancing the hat (a task), or walking in those shoes (a task), but WADDLING. I had such a short range of steps from it so I literally had to waddle.

One of my weirdest favorite memories regarding this costume was my award won at ACEN. Not only was it the most miserable masquerade due to a lot of issues that happened during it, but I had walked away best Masters. I learned from one of the judges other Masters were PISSED that such a 'simple', and she defended my work till the very end. It was then I started to heavily strive that simple =/= easy, and make that a staple of all craftsmanship contents I run or judge.