Invader Lum Cosplay

About Lum Cosplay

Character Invader Lum
Series Urusei Yatsura
Outfit Winter Uniform
Debuted Colossalcon East 2018
Wig Base Epic Cosplay: Daphne, Emerald Green + pack of wefts
Time to Make ~2 Months
WIP Photos WIPS on Tumblr. Originally a sekkrit cosplay.
Galleries Cospix
Status Available for shoots

Why this costume?

My husband really loves many of the series done by Rumiko Takahashi, and of course introduced me to Urusei Yatsura. Though he had me mostly watch the OVA's and movies, I did enjoy the insanity that is that show. Lum is a doll, and I was quickly in love.

While I'm not comfortable with her normal oni-style attire, it was getting cold out and thought the winter uniform would be a good item to make. I'd never made a school fuku before and found a great tutorial online on how to do that. It was a fun short project I pumped out when I had felt burnt out via another cosplay project.

Also I have now made four types of those poofy hair danglies from Takahashi lol.