Super Idol Princess Peach Cosplay

About Idol Peach Cosplay

Character Princess Peach
Series Super Mario Bros
Outfit Idol Fanart by Saporion
Debuted Fall 2016
Wig Base Arda Wigs Jeannie Classic, Yellow + wefts
Time to Make 2-3 Months
WIP Photos Available on Tumblr
Galleries Cospix
Status Available for shoots

Why this costume?

Me and my love of Princess Peach fanart will never, ever ever be a problem.

The art by Saporion was my ultimate downfall, and I quickly wanted to do this costume. One problem is I had aimed to have it completed by Katsucon, only to have lots of things last minute start falling apart, and resulted in me putting off the costume until finishing it in the fall. Sometimes, it's best to step away from a costume when it's not working out for you.

For me, this costume was a little nerve wracking. I don't like having my stomach exposed, so tackling that fear was trouble for me. I also am unable to wear a proper bra in it, so I had to figure out how to make it best work with either a strapless, or no bra at all! The largest struggle of this costume was working with the petticoat. I had wanted to make a non-hooped version and just make it a ruffly poof ball of nothing but shiny and sparkly organza. The problem is it couldn't hold the weight of all 3 skirts- which is why I canceled the costume for Katsu. Afterwards I went back and added more layers + diamond netting, giving me the ultimate puff.

Also, my favorite thing about this costume? It has pockets!


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  • Super Idol Princess Peach Cosplay