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  • All costumes are first come, first serve. Feel free to name your price, but buyer must purchase shipping.
  • The sizings are guestimates as I do not have measurements of when I made/bought them. The sizes presented are all the max sizes as well.
  • Please be aware that costumes are from a house full of cats. Costumes should be re-watched if buyer has allergies.
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Kotori Minami (Festival) - Love Live! School Idol Festival

Kotori Festival Cosplay by Vicious Cosplay
Kotori Festival card from LLSIF

This costume was purchased from Fantasy Sheep via Taobao.

  • Guestimated sizing:
    • Bust: 37" / 94cm
      The shirt attaches via eyehooks and could be moved.
      Costume is not lined and could be reduced.
    • Waist: 33" / 84cm
      Skirt is very stretchy.
      Belt is a bit more restrictive but attached via velcro.
    • Skirt Length: 16" / 40.5cm
    • Skirt around hips is wide
  • This costume includes:
    • Shirt top + Skirt
    • Hat + Fan (Some stars missing)
    • Not included: Wig, socks, and shoes
  • Desired Price: $20. Name your price
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